About Me At A Glance

Goal oriented international professional services provider, specializing as an IT "Turn-around Specialist"  at the CIO/CTO/VP level in various industries.

I live in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Washington DC.  For the appropriate career opportunity, I will work anywhere in the world!

On a personal note, I am defined by my character, and I believe in charity and giving back to the community whenever possible, not only financially, but with "hands-on" contributions.


    Having attended Oxford University, Oxford, England, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, a graduate of Eastern College with a B.A. in Organizational Management, and a Business Administration degree from Arcadia College, Mr. Naylor appreciates the value of education, training, and ROI (Return On Investment) in both the USA and international marketplace as it relates to the human capital management industry.  He was responsible for the selection process and implementation of all new technology, including an international recruitment system (Personic's EZaccess/RAPID) while at CDI Corporation's Corporate Headquarters, reporting to the CIO, CEO, Chairman, and the Board for over $27 million in technology budgets.  Mr. Naylor managed six corporate divisions (250+ staff and consultants), as well as lead an international team of 22 salespeople, recruiters, information systems professionals, and administrators during the complete life cycle of the recruiting software selection, development, and implementation process.

    While employed at Personic Software as a Vice-President of B2B Technology and Information, Mr. Naylor spearheaded the design, development, and implementation of the Personic Exchange (e-commerce business-to-business ASP).  He was responsible for national strategic account management and all Peoplesoft integrations,

    Mr. Naylor has worked with over 350+ staffing agencies during the product lifecycle.  In 1999, he started an international professional services company, Bay Breeze Technology Center, Incorporated, servicing the Human Capital Management industry.  Services have been provided to many of the Fortune 100 in Hong Kong, Singapore, England, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and Australia, as well as 30 States in the USA.  Some of the customers include the corporate headquarters for Wal-Mart, Nortel Networks, Owens Corning, Manpower, Walt Disney Studios, Lilly Pharmaceutical, Sanofi-Aventis Pharmaceutical, Novell, Wells Fargo Bank, Los Alamos Labs, University of Maryland, Cigna, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

    In 2002-2004, Mr. Naylor assisted the Judge Group in a consulting capacity as acting Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and "Turn-around" Specialist, saving the company over $700k in bottom-line expense.  While finalizing the Judge Group engagement, he was persuaded to assist another of his clients, the Solomon-Page Group in Manhattan, as an acting Chief Information Officer (CIO) and "Turn-around Specialist" in a consulting capacity.  Both engagements provided solid and stable "turn-key" information technology infrastructures with industry standard auditing capabilities, sound processes, and ROI/Risk Avoidance methodologies.

    In early July 2008, Mr. Naylor managed all Barack Obama Campaign technology implementations for the Northeast and Great Lakes Region (1/3 of the USA, 17 States, 6 Battle Ground States).  In addition to working at the Barack Obama National Campaign Headquarters in Chicago, Illinois and in Ohio, Mr. Naylor assisted the Washington DC and Chicago Transition Teams in selecting, implementing and managing an Internet based candidate applicant tracking system.

    In April 2009, Mr. Naylor joined the United States Small Business Administration, directly advising the SBA Chief of Staff and Administrator on all technology related matters and then installed as the Chief Information Officer and Chief Privacy Officer as a Presidential Appointee.  Mr. Naylor worked directly with the White House on several matters and served on two working groups for the White House Office of Science, Technology, and Innovation for Ideation (social media) and international research data policy.  In addition to serving on the Federal Chief Information Officer's Council, Mr. Naylor served on the Executive CIO Council and was Co-Chair of the IT Workforce Committee.  Mr. Naylor also served as the SBA Representative for Junior Achievement Worldwide.  Mr. Naylor holds a Top Secret security clearance and has actively participated in events requiring such clearance.

    In April 2011, Mr. Naylor was appointed as the Chief Information Officer for the Federal Communications Commission. In this transformational role, Mr. Naylor provided proven leadership, direction, oversight and transparency in the formulation, development and execution of the Agency’s information technology management program.  Cybersecurity and operational effeciency were Mr. Naylor's primary focus with proven significant results.